We take great measure to make sure every component we produce surpasses our customer’s expectations and standards. We are constantly investing in the latest measuring and machining technology to make sure every mold has the perfect fit, function and finish to ensure a quality plastic injection mold. This greatly attributes itself to the fact that our quality plastic injection molds run for years on end with little to no down time. All components are fully interchangeable – cavity to cavity as well as mold to mold. When you want quality plastic injection molds and want them done right the first time, choose Omega Tool.Omega Tool expertly tests and re-tests the quality of your molding components at each step along the way, from design to assembly, and one more time before the product is shipped to you. This emphasis on quality and testing assures you the best possible American made product. Our reputation for top quality plastic injection molds and services is why more mold buyers across the United States are turning to Omega Tool – The Last Word in Precision.


“Omega designed and built our first two shot mold and it ran perfect from the first day. Outstanding.”
– S. Kovalska

“Omega is one of the best in our supply base – they exceed our expectations on every project.”
– J. Fogelsonger

“When I need it now, Omega has always been there to get the job done right. That level of service makes my job easier.”
-P. Weiss