Omega Tool, Inc. is a 3rd generation family owned and operated precision mold builder based in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. In business since 1954, Omega Tool is a leading American manufacturer of high-quality plastic injection molding products and services. We provide plastic injection molds to companies throughout the world. Omega Tool, Inc. specializes in designing and building some of the world’s most precise plastic injection molds.

ABOUTPAGEAs a precision mold builder, we take pride in our greatest asset… our people. Omega Tool has a dedicated staff that strives for perfection day in and day out while maintaining a close relationship with our customers to give them a product and service that exceeds their expectations. Omega has the skill, the talent, and the expertise to design and build the mold you need. Our reputation as a mold builder has spoken for itself over the last 65 years.

What’s more, we provide these products through a comprehensive quality assurance system that’s unique to the industry. When you come to us for plastic injection molds, you can expect the kind of quality that means efficient, plastic injection products done on time and to spec.