The Omega Tool, Inc. design team utilizes SolidWorks to produce mold designs. With over 65 years of mold design experience, we are ready for any challenge.

Our engineers and mold building experts have successfully designed and built unscrew molds, multi-shot molds, insert molds, sweeping core molds, IML molds (in mold label), LSR molds (liquid silicone rubber) and stack molds.

Omega Tool has designed and built high volume and close tolerance molds for Cap and Closure, Medical, Aerospace, Electronic, and Consumer Goods industries.

Early Involvement

At Omega Tool we prefer to be involved early in the process so that part designs compliment the production mold design. Early involvement can improve aspects of the production mold that may lead to lower cost parts.

For example, utilizing a bypass shut-off rather than a slide will make the mold less complicated and therefore less costly; it will make the mold smaller and able to run in a smaller molding press which will lead to a lower piece part price for the life of the part.

Our engineers will work with the customer to achieve proper shut-off angles and drafts for the best tooling conditions. This is the type of partnering that brings value to the customer.

A typical project will consist of a launch meeting with the designer, account manager, and toolmaker with one or two follow-up meetings until we are happy with the preliminary design. The preliminary design is then sent to the customer for review and final approval.

When you work with Omega Tool, Inc., you get the benefits of our commitment to design and build world-class molds using the best materials and tightest production tolerance standards.